KBP Arms was founded by Rocky Priddy and the Kelley brothers in 2014 with the idea to provide extremely accurate bolt action rifles at an affordable price. Kelley Brothers and Priddy Arms was started as a hobby, and turned into a business. Rocky Priddy is the driving force behind the magic here at KBP Arms. With decades of experience hunting all across the United States and over Forty years firing rifles ranging from factory to custom built long range rifles, along with his extensive knowledge in reloading he found the missing ingredients to his dream in the Kelley brothers. The Kelley Brothers started their manufacturing shop in 2011 with their 14 years combined education and experience manufacturing in the aerospace, defense, and semiconductor industries along with their passion for hunting and the outdoors it was a perfect match. Every rifle is built in their state of the art manufacturing facility one at a time. It is KBP Arms’ commitment to quality and craftsmanship that makes each rifle unique and extremely accurate. While building each rifle one at a time may not be the most cost effective way to manufacture, it is certainly the only way to maintain and ensure the highest quality. Our promise is to make each rifle we build the pinnacle of our purpose, because our customers deserve it.

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